Digital Video Production Much More Affordable Than TV Production

digital-videoVideo production refers to the process of creating videos by capturing moving images. It’s the process of converting a written idea into a video. Digital video production usually entails development, pre-production, production, post-production and marketing and distribution. TV production entails pre-production, production and post- production. Despite the fact that digital video production has more phases than TV production, it is however cheaper. This is due to a number of reasons below:

  • No airtime required– In TV production there is air time required to air a program, movie or an advertisement which is very costly and is charged according to how long the program, movie or advertisement airs, unlike video production company whereby you do not require any airtime because once you produce a video all you have to do is upload it onto the internet which is very simple, fast and easy.
  • Cheaper and production equipment required– In TV production, a lot of very costly equipment is required unlike in digital video production whereby all you need is a video camera to shoot a video.
  • Anyone can shoot a video– In TV production, you require a lot of skilled personnel to produce a program, movie or an advertisement whereas in digital video production, you can shoot a video as long as you have a video camera. This makes it cheaper because you do not incur the cost of hiring skilled personnel.
  • Less people required- In TV production, you require a whole crew to produce a program, movie or advertisement as well as a whole crew of actors and actresses who all must be paid for their services unlike in digital video production, you only require just a few people thereby making it cheaper. 
  • Can be a one-time thing- In TV production, you have to keep producing movies, programs and advertisements which is very costly, whereas in digital video production, you can produce a video once which may or may not go viral. Hence, you can produce a video whenever you want with no obligations thereby making it cheaper.


From the above reasons, you can see why it is more cost effective to produce a digital video as opposed to TV production which is more time-consuming and more costly to mention a few.


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How to Date an Indian – Tips


Indians are highly successful people, dominating the world of engineering, medicine, business and other industries. This makes them very attractive as a life partner or just a date. Add to this their interesting culture and traditions, and you can bet that your first date would be fun and interesting. Where there are cultural differences, however, challenges would not be far behind. Still, you can make things easy on your part.

Prepare for Your Date
This goes beyond dressing appropriately and being at your best. While doing these is sure to leave an impression, you need to have some fine conversation topics up your sleeves. Your best weapon? Bollywood celebrities. Even if your date would turn out to be not a fan, at least you get to show how you made an effort. Of course, if you know you are dating an astrophysicist, you would have to look into this seriously mind-boggling topic.

Choosing which restaurant to dine in can be a problem for two people with completely different cultures. But really, when it comes to food, people usually have to compromise, since not everyone shares the same taste and preferences. It is best to get the food choices out of the way, beforehand. Most Indians, however, love their local cuisine and quite proud about it.

Be Patient
Although dating has become a new high in India, there are still barriers to deal with, such as caste and religion. But times are not so rigid anymore, and meeting the parents can now take a back seat since the marrying age has also shifted. Indian men and women are now more open and laid-back, not particularly in a hurry to settle down.

The dynamics of dating in India may have changed, what with influences from other cultures, but some deeply entrenched beliefs remain. It is best to tread carefully, so you do not lose your chances of having an Indian for a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Online Dating Tips: Avoid These 2 Mistakes Most Men Make Online

Online dating is one of the best ways to find partner and live a happy life. However if you do not know where to look and how to do it right, you will not succeed online.

There are many online dating websites that you can use to find lover, but as I said you must know how to mingle on those. We’ve been analysing many online dating websites as we are in the online web marketing industry in London.  Our expert analysts have found out there are many ways and doing it the right way can open up a massive flood of dating advantages and you can decide whom to go out with.

In this short video we bring you the best and most authentic Online Dating Tips and you should Avoid These 2 Mistakes Most Men Make Online when they try to find nice girl.

By: Online Marketing HQ